Infusions galore!

I have been quite productive while I was away as you can see in the picture. From left to right in order are, lychee infused cognac, habanero honey whiskey, fennel seeds infused whiskey, mint + lemon + ginger infused whiskey, banana infused whiskey, dates + walnuts infused whiskey, cloves infused whiskey and finally chocolate rose…

Summer and Lychee

I am back after some much needed dalliances with a couple of newly discovered¬†bars in Chicago. One of which¬†is The Sixth. While their most popular drink is the Silly Rabbit, my personal favorite is the Weston. It has bourbon, coffee syrup made with cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco mist sprayed on top of the drink. This…

Coffee cake day/National beer day

Today I found out that April 7th is Coffee Cake day and also National Beer day. Who would have thought of that! My friends and I started talking about how a coffee cake flavored beer would be an interesting way to celebrate the day.

Let the scandal begin!

There are all sorts of affairs. Short and sweet, sordid and illicit. But some are inevitable. Like my affair with alcohol. Here you will find all the tantalizing details of various concoctions that are a result of this ongoing affair.