Infusions galore!

I have been quite productive while I was away as you can see in the picture. From left to right in order are, lychee infused cognac, habanero honey whiskey, fennel seeds infused whiskey, mint + lemon + ginger infused whiskey, banana infused whiskey, dates + walnuts infused whiskey, cloves infused whiskey and finally chocolate rose tea infused whiskey in the tiny jar in the front. Let’s see what I have done or planning to do with these infusions.

  • I have already posted a recipe using lychee infused cognac here.
  • I have made the habanero honey whiskey infusion few times before and I prefer to just sip it slowly and enjoy the slight heat from the habanero after every sip.
  • I tried to make a Sazerac with the fennel seeds infused whiskey since fennel seeds and absinthe have similar taste profiles. It was not bad, but I think rye whiskey infused with fennel seeds might work out better than bourbon. Adding rye whiskey to my shopping list!
  • I plan on trying mint + lemon + ginger infused whiskey two ways. A Hot Toddy and a Whiskey Mule. Check back later for updates.
  • I have big plans for the banana infused whiskey. Hot water + infused whiskey + whipped cream spiced with cinnamon/nutmeg on top. Yum!
  • Date + walnuts infused whiskey would be a great base for an Old-fashioned. Adding some cardamom powder to this would give it a whole different twist. I am going to call it Not-an-old-fashioned because I am spicing things up. Get it?
  • Cloves infused whiskey is my favorite for making a Manhattan. This infusion is not for everyone. Each sip of it has a very spicy bite to it. But if you like cloves or want to try something exotic, make a classic Manhattan with this infusion in place of regular whiskey. You will either absolutely love it or hate it depending on how much you like cloves.
  • And last but not the least, the rose tea infused whiskey. I made an iced tea with this and it’s perfectly boozy and floral for summer.

All this talk about cocktails has left me wanting one. I am off to make myself a Clove-Manhattan. Ciao.

Note: I infused fruits for 3 weeks and spices/tea for 2-3 days.


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