Me, moi, main!

After living in Chicago for more than a decade I have earned the right to call myself a Chicagoan. I am a data engineer who daydreams about opening my own bar/restaurant someday. I fantasize about surprising my patrons with inventive food and cocktails, especially whiskey infusions. One of my favorite thing to do is to infuse whiskey with a whimsical mix of spices and/or herbs, replace whiskey in any cocktail recipe with my infusion, and voila!

In case you are curious about the name of my site, in my culture drinking is a taboo. But after my first few encounters with alcohol, I couldn’t resist. And so began my clandestine affair. I will chronicle all about my sinfully good exploits here.

I will also write about any interesting bars I have been to. Talking about bars, I am very fond of speakeasy bars. There are plenty of them in Chicago and here are some of my favorites –

But the bar I love the most in Chicago is Sable. Power of Love, Sazerac Square and Little Italy are some my favorite drinks here. Sable has never disappointed me so far. Green River is another one that I would highly recommend.

Enough about me, my wants and my likes. If you want to talk more about my infusions or my favorite bars in the city, just shoot me an email!